City of Laredo Guidelines for Tennis Facilities
• Activity should always be in line with the Federal Government’s advised social distancing measures defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
• Limit activities to casual playing.
• Postpone any social gatherings. Do not provide any congregation areas at the court or facility.
• Plan for increased levels of staff and volunteer absences.
• Keep your team and your participants informed of the actions you’re taking.
• Staff must wear masks or “like in kind” and gloves when checking in players. Staff should wash hands and/or gloves often and after touching items.
• Alternating courts should be reserved for play if there is no barrier, such as fencing, between the courts. Courts not in use will be barricaded.


• Clean all surfaces—such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures and toilets—several times a day wearing disposable gloves.
• All common area chairs and tables should be stacked, roped off or removed from the area to prevent congregating and touching. Staff will put caution tape around all tables and chairs.
• All court gates and stair rails should be wrapped with caution tape to discourage touching, or else should be wiped down every hour.
• All gates should be roped off or left open to prevent touching. If the facility has a wide open side entrance to the courts, its use is recommended.
• All score tenders will be taken off the courts to prevent touching.
• Make disinfectant soap, hand sanitizers or wipes available at all main contact points.
• Regularly remind and encourage everyone, particularly juniors, of the need to wash hands often and adopt the other principles of a good hygiene strategy.
• Display signage about handwashing and hygiene techniques at strategic points such as sinks, eating areas, drinking areas and on the side of the court.
• Limit the use of indoor spaces by keeping all locker room and shower areas closed, if applicable.
• Bathrooms open. Staff will be cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day.


• People should stay at least six feet apart to maintain social distancing including when arriving at and departing from a court.
• Players should stay on their side of court and avoid changing ends.
• Implement ways to minimize contact between participants and staff.
• Recommend that only one parent/guardian accompany younger children to the facility when possible.

• Each Player should bring their own equipment.
• Only 3 balls will be permitted per court.

• NO DOUBLES SHOULD BE PERMITTED as per current recommendation from USTA.
• At this time, no programs or court reservations will be offered.
• Keep participant numbers to a minimum, 2 per court.

The preceding facility guidelines were recommended by the United States Tennis Association USTA.

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