Weight Room
Fitness Classes


Hours Of Operations

Monday - Friday

8:00 am to 2:00 pm

2100 Pinder Laredo, TX 78040

(956) 727-8239



Jesus Esparza

Recreation Leader

Recreation Leader

Vicente Vera


























Ladrillera Senior Center is located at the Southwest side of Laredo and has served our beloved seniors for many years.  Seniors at Ladrillera enjoy food, games, and fun activities.  Birthday celebrations, dances and outings from the center are always part of keeping our seniors happy. We have a gym with different exercise equipment available as well.  Seniors participate in many different outings such as bowling, shopping, and movies. Our center’s goal is for our seniors to have fun while staying fit.  We strive to keep our members healthy with health presentations and screenings provided by different health organizations when available.  Members participate in craftwork activities and spend time helping one another with various projects.  South Texas Food Bank provides monthly “Bolsa Day” to which our members receive grocery items.  At Ladrillera we strive to provide fun with fitness while enjoying the company of others.  Daily meals are provided by Border Nutrition which include a vast array of nutritional items.  Everyone  also enjoys morning social hours with free coffee.  Board games are played daily as time permits. Membership is free of charge for seniors 60 and above.  Located at 2100 Pinder with entrance on Bruni street, Ladrillera is open Monday-Friday 8-2pm.  Phone number (956) 727-8239.  Stop by and visit with us, you’ll be glad you did!