.....Registration for Recreation Summer Programs, Learn to Swim Classes & Tennis Summer Camps are currently going on. Call 956 729 4600 for more information


Vandalism, It’s Not A Joke. It’s a Crime!

Vandalism is considered a crime and have legal consequences. During the summer, we may see an increase in cases at our local parks. We need to protect our public spaces....

City of Laredo Temporary License Agreement BSBLL/SFTBLL/SCCR

Please read the entire document before signing the License Agreement form attached. Access the form by clicking on the link available below. The form can be downloaded and submitted to...

Do you or a music band want to display your talent?

Hidden Gems

The Shiloh Hike & Bike Trails. A 7 mile popular trail located on Shiloh Drive and Livingston Drive in Laredo Texas. Shiloh Trails is a perfect trail for all ages...


What is the role of the Parks & Recreation Services Department?

To deliver services that enhance the quality of life of all citizens through educational and recreational programming and effectively maintain and develop Laredo’s park system.

What does Parks & Recreation Services offer to the community?

It provides various sports events such as 5k runs, swim meets, tennis and softball tournaments, basketball and volleyball leagues, and various track and field events and competitions. We also host special events such as concerts, fiestas and holiday celebrations. In addition, we have baseball and soccer fields, recreation centers, libraries, trails, rental facilities, and various parks with amenities for the community to enjoy. For water pleasure, the Aquatics Division offers classes in water aerobics, lap swimming, and learn to swim classes.

What type of activities or programs do the recreation centers offer?

Recreation Centers offer basketball and volleyball games and leagues, Zumba, aerobics, skateboarding, chess, martial arts, boxing, alternative sports, alternative aerobics, INEA classes, computer classes, arts and crafts activities and after school programs as well as an array of special events.